Official Selection: HOMELAND SECURITY

We all need somewhere to lay our heads at night. Someplace safe that you can call your own. From the ruins of Chernobyl to a smother mother's womb, home is not a place but rather a space inside our hearts, minds and memories. Running time: 88 minutes.

Isabel Bader Theatre: Thursday June 7, 9:30 pm

Isabel Bader Theatre: Sunday June 10, 2:45 pm

The Seamstress
A woman awaits her husband's return from war, only to find him on the brink of death - luckily she can stitch him back together. A jaunty period piece about the perils of quick fixes.
Passing Through The Night
In this hypnotic piece of sensual cinema, threads of memory are deftly woven to create a visceral tribute to a mother and the home she created.
We May Meet, We May Not
Deep in the woods, a mother struggles to accept her daughter's newfound independence. An evocative dream world comes to life in this visually arresting animated fable.
Dol (First Birthday)
Old and new traditions collide in this meditation on family, identity, and life choices. When Korean-American Nick leaves his boyfriend behind to celebrate his nephew's first birthday solo, he finds himself yearning for a life just out of reach.
Unwieldy Beast
An object from one man's childhood inspires a funky streetwise invention as this doc charts the movements of a musician looking to bring his piano to the people of San Francisco.
Walkin' On Snow Grass
On a cold winter's night, a dormouse awakens to discover the promise of a new friend waiting outside his cozy nest. A poignant tale about the rewards of venturing into the unknown.
Last Of The Snow
Paralyzed after an overwhelming loss, a Newfoundland couple finds a way towards healing and hope with the help of a precocious neighbour and a new season in this Dogme 95-inspired stunner.
Seven Years Of Winter
Seven-year-old Andrej scavenges the nuclear wasteland of Chernobyl for discarded documents to trade on the black market. Shot entirely on location, this is a haunting rumination on the heartbreaking effects of the political on the personal.
Places Other People Have Lived
Memories spring to life room-by-room in this intimate and eclectic portrait of the childhood experience. What exactly do we leave behind when we leave home?