Scene Not Herd: MUSIC VIDEOS

The 9th edition of the ever-popular Scene Not Herd program is back with a snapshot of the most creative and cutting-edge music videos being produced in the world today. From body art to bad behaviour, lovely animation to lovelorn separation, you’re sure to be charmed and fascinated by these amazing video clips! Running time: 66 minutes.

Bloor Hot Docs Cinema: Friday June 8, 9:30 pm

Gotye (Feat. Kimbra): Somebody That I Used To Know
Delicate and beautiful geometric art envelops duelling singers Gotye and Kimbra in this stop-motion animation for their global smash hit about a very bad breakup.
Lykke Li: Sadness Is A Blessing
Causing a scene in a formal, pretentious restaurant, Swedish songstress Lykke Li drinks and dances away her sorrow (the object of her dejection is sexy Stellan Skarsgård, True Blood) before succumbing to her sadness.
M. Ward: First Time I Ran Away
At some point, virtually every child imagines running away. This enchanting animated video follows the adventurous exploits of one fellow who leaves it all behind at three different points in his life.
St. Vincent: Cruel
Despite all her attempts to be the perfect matriarch, things don't end well for St. Vincent front woman Annie Clarke in this quirky clip about oddball domestic tyranny.
Karin Park: Fryngies
Excitement over an awesome new apartment quickly wears off for a young woman who discovers a mysterious, smoke-filled box behind one of her walls.
Woodkid: Iron
Super slow-motion footage, a rich black and white palette, tribal drummers, and an agitated priest overseeing a young boy's funeral make for an absolutely captivating experience.
M.I.A.: Bad Girls
Rap provocateuse M.I.A. challenges conventions, in this rousing video from controversial director Romain Gavras, by transplanting hip hop's most notorious tropes to a Middle Eastern setting.
Rhianna (Feat. Calvin Harris): We Found Love
Love's a bitch, particularly when it's wrapped up in heavy drug use and emotional abuse, as is the case in this visceral and fierce video.
The Shoes: Time To Dance
Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal (Donnie Darko, Source Code) taps into his dark side to play a savage serial killer with a flair for the mundane in this epic, video-cum-short film showcasing this bangin' electro-dance jam.
Battles: My Machines
Everyone's subconscious fear of tripping on an escalator is played out to dramatic and impressive effect in this homage to hapless clumsiness. Featuring electronic music legend Gary Numan!
Grimes: Oblivion
We follow along as Grimes hits a dirtbike rally, a football game, and a sweaty frat party in this completely adorable and strangely enthralling low-budgeter.
Walk Off The Earth: Little Boxes
This sweetly subversive ditty receives a charmingly handmade treatment, with the entire set - and all instruments - crafted out of boxes.
Alcoholic Faith Mission: Legacy
An anthropological study of death is hardly what you'd expect in an indie-pop video, but that's just what you get when a pet mouse meets its maker and its owner explores funeral customs.
Fleet Foxes: The Shrine / An Argument
A beautifully crafted 8-minute mystical tale of a lonesome elk who journeys through a gruesome world before undergoing a radical transformation at the hands of a double-headed sea monster.