Official Selection: SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME

Ever get the feeling you're being watched? Whether it's by a spiritual presence, a prison guard or an overprotective loved one, we’re surrounded by spies, eyeing our every move. Running time: 93 minutes.

Isabel Bader Theatre: Thursday June 7, 7:00 pm

Bloor Hot Docs Cinema: Saturday June 9, 4:30 pm

Bradley Manning Had Secrets
Eavesdrop on renegade soldier and Wikileaks hacktivist Bradley Manning's personal and political secrets in this 8-bit pixel-art animation set to transcripts of his online chats. A revealing peek at a young man's identity crisis.
The Factory
A mother visits her son in prison, but she's packing more than just a bag lunch. A stunning story of love, sacrifice and the extreme lengths parents will go to in order to protect their children.
Filmmaker Kelly O'Brien captures daughter Emma's essence through Super 8 footage of her dancing at the beach. Emma likes mangoes, sushi, and swimming, but most of all, she likes being six! A meditation on growing up and how quickly the summers pass.
Nicola gossips with a school friend in her hospital room after giving birth, as if nothing were amiss. But when her mother arrives, the teen mom is forced to face all of the things she's going to miss.
Elephant Feet
From behind locked doors and surveillance cameras, Thomas sees it all working his first night shift at the gas station. But will he stand apart or fall in line with the society that surrounds him?
the meaning of style
Set in a movie theatre in Penang, a cast of left-wing skinheads watch themselves on screen in a mash-up that mixes music video and history lesson, violence and fashion statement.
My Sweetheart
Romain and Laurie are in love, but their connection is forbidden at the Centre. The ephemerality of romantic love is on full display in this sex-positive portrait of young lovers looking to do it, just like everybody else.
A deafblind woman has a man living in her house. She feels his presence as he watches over her, but what does he want? Amazingly unique, this thriller blends perversion and reverence in equal and entirely unexpected parts.