Official Selection: SUPERFANS

This analog fan blog pays adoring homage to 70s pulp, 80s horror, and 90s hiphop. Gush and get geeky over these films that feed off the nostalgia that nurtures the fanboy and fangirl inside all of us. Running time: 95 minutes.

Isabel Bader Theatre: Thursday June 7, 2:00 pm

Isabel Bader Theatre: Saturday June 9, 5:15 pm

No Relation
Iconic science fiction author Philip K Dick often posed the question, "What is real?" Filmmaker Kieran Dick expands on that inquiry and explores the nature of truth and subjective storytelling in this irreverent self-reflexive doc.
A Gun For George
Still reeling from the loss of his older brother, a crime fiction author increasingly escapes into the fantasy world of his character - The Reprisalizer. Cult comedian Matthew Holness directs and stars in this flawless homage to 70s pulp films and fiction.
Semi-Auto Colours
This elliptical experimental film follows a gang of disenfranchised youth in Winnipeg's West End as they dream of being gangstas and rappers. Rhythmically laconic and dreamily poetic.
Life And Freaky Times Of Uncle Luke
This playfully demented remake of Chris Marker's La Jetée combines a wholly original – low-fi, hand-made, totally '80s! – aesthetic with both real and fictional elements from the life of 2 Live Crew front man Luther Campbell.
Dad, Lenin And Freddy
A nine-year-old Greek girl is convinced that Vladimir Lenin and Freddy Krueger are out to get her Soviet scholar dad after the fall of communism. And only she can stop them! An exuberant and energetic coming-of-age story.
Thirteen-year-old besties Hasse and Pål’s friendship is tested when they visit a mysterious young cinephile with a vast VHS video collection. Is he merely a fan, or something more sinister? A deftly conceived depiction of adolescent adventurousness dripping with atmosphere.