Official Selection: THE FAMILY COMPACT

It's a universal truth: home is where the heart is and family matters most. This incisively international program serves up scintillating slices of life from Europe, Africa and North America that illuminate the family politics of vastly different cultures. The global village has never felt so familiar. Running time: 88 minutes.

Bloor Hot Docs Cinema: Wednesday June 6, 5:15 pm

Bloor Hot Docs Cinema: Saturday June 9, 2:15 pm

After Tara's boyfriend comes out to her and ends their relationship, Tara's sister and best friend aren't buying it and label him a liar. A starkly naturalistic coming-of-age story that leaves you wondering whose pants are really on fire.
All hell breaks loose when Petey is left alone with his hell raising older brothers. But things go from bad to a helluva lot worse when Dad gets home. A darkly funny tale about the destructive seeds of machismo.
Long Distance Information
Alex calls his father on Christmas Day, but the two men are so emotionally distant that their wires get crossed. Featuring the impeccable Peter Mullan (War Horse), a wryly funny and subtly profound story of father-son relations that rings universal.
When her teenage daughter returns from a party badly beaten, an upper class Tunisian woman sets out to discover what really happened. A moving and inspiring story about overcoming orthodoxy both inside and outside the family domain.
Lack Of Evidence
This inventive experimental doc recounts the experiences of a Nigerian man forced to flee from his father's superstitious prejudices. A technologically impressive tour de force.
Little Brother
A hearing-impaired teenager responsible for looking after his wheelchair-bound younger brother escapes into silent serenity and idyllic reverie. An inspired portrait of brotherly love and a longing for connection.
As he comes of age, Oscar must face the necessary evil of leaving something behind. Like a message from the subconscious mind, this beautifully surreal, achingly emotional allegory plumbs an otherworldly dreamscape that would make Maurice Sendak proud.
Me Without You
As his older sister Metha prepares to go to Japan for an exchange program, nine-year-old No must deal with the impending absence of his dearest companion. A sweet, deeply sensitive portrait of a loving, close-knit family.